Glendale Uniform

G and Jaz uniform

Club Uniform consists of a white Glendale Top, with the happy Roadrunner logo on the back.

Boys wear black shorts; girls wear black lycra bike pants. We also have optional extras for purchase e.g tracksuit tops. Shoes must be worn at all events, including training. The wearing of spikes may be worn by athletes from U11 to U17 age groups in all laned events, Javelin and High Jump only (note exemption- U11 must not wear them for High Jump events). Check the ‘Yellow Book” for further details

Cycle Pants (or Skins): These must finish above the knee. Black cycle pants may be worn under the shorts for extra protection, however, there must be NO logo, coloured stitching or coloured pattern on them.  Approved compression pants/skins are available to be purchased from the Club.

Uniform Prices
no Item Price
1 T-shirts $30.00
2 Sleeveless Vests $30.00
3 Black Running  Shorts $30.00
4 Compression shorts/Skins $35.00
5 Kids Warm up Jackets $60.00
6 Adults Warm-up Jackets $65.00

For details regarding uniforms please contact Carmen MATTEO 0427777577

The REGISTRATION NUMBER and AGE TAG must also be worn at all competition events (unless advised differently). The Registration number to be pinned at the front of the Club’s uniform T-shirt with the age badge fastened on the top left front and any sponsor’s year badge top right front of T-shirt.

Hamersley Uniforms

Hamersley Uniform comprises a gold singlet with maroon trim and maroon shorts for boys, and maroon briefs (or approved body suit) for girls.  This uniform is to be worn if your child is selected to represent Hamersley at any of the following:

  • State Relay Championships
  • State Championships
  • Special meets advised from time to time
  • Winter cross-country and road walking competitions

The REGISTRATION NUMBER and AGE TAG must also be worn at all competition events (unless advised differently). 

Hamersley Little Athletics Centre has a uniform policy that is consistent with the policy of the West Australian Little Athletics Association (WALA).

The Hamersley policy, as printed in the Hamersley Little Athletics Centre “Yellow Book”:

“If athletes are wearing lycra under-garments e.g. “skins”, these must match the colour of the club’s pants or be plain black (without logos).”

It is important to note that coloured stitching or a coloured pattern is not acceptable.

Black compression shorts that meet these requirements can be purchased from the Hamersley uniform officer uniforms@hamersleyaths.com  Please refer to the Hamersley LAC website for further information.

The black compression shorts are suitable to be used either under black or red shorts or on their own as Glendale LAC uniform.

The WALA rules, on which the Hamersley rules are based, can be found in a document titled “Rules For Competition”.  The document can be found on their website.  WALA always strictly enforces these dress rules at all State run events.


Any athlete not adhering to correct uniform will not be permitted to compete.

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