Register online

If you have previously been a member with Glendale you can register online on  27 August 2017 for 1 day only. If you miss this date you will have to attend the registration on 2 September 2017 in person.

Attend a registration day

If you have never registered with Glendale before you’ll need to attend the registration day on 2 September 2017between 9am and 1200pm This is held at Charles Riley Reserve (clubrooms at Wendling Rd, North Beach)

Registration email
or send us contact form from the contact page

 Attending a registration day

What to Bring:          Birth certificate (not extracts) or passport for proof of age must be sighted

Payment:                 By cash or cheque or eft– sorry no EFTPOS or credit card facilities

You will be required to purchase the club competition uniform for approximately $60

The fees are as below for the 2017/2018 season:
  • All children $235
 For those of you who aren’t aware out of the $235 we have to pay approximately $195 to Hamersley for WALA fees and for the running of the competition on Saturdays so we only receive $40 from this for Glendale hence why our fundraising is so important.

These are available for purchase on the day of registration.  You need to have a Glendale shirt.


Mondays will continue to be U10’s and up from 5pm to approximately 6.15pm and then Wednesdays the U7,U8 and U9 age group will train from 5pm and then a later start training session for the U10′ and above.  The first day of training is Wednesday 20th September 2017 for all age groups then we commence Monday training U10’s and above 25th September then an all training session as outline in the emailed training roster of the session.


This is held every Saturday at Charles Riley Reserve from approx. 7:45amFirst competition is on Saturday 7th October 2017

Please Note:

Shoes that are not capable of taking spikes must be worn in the U7 to U10 age groups.

Minimum Age – All competitors must turn six years of age (by 30th Sep) in the year of the commencing season, ie the child’s birthday must be within the grid below.

Age group is determined by the athletes age as at September 30th i.e. a child turning 8, October 1st to September 30th of the following year, is eligible to compete as U8.  See age group grid below

Age groups for 2017/18 season are outlined in the table below, which is determined by WALA:

Age Group Table


Season Registration Ages

To register during the season please contact us via email at