Parent Rosters

Athletics is a sport requiring family involvement.  Upon registration of your child/children at any of the five clubs, it is a requirement that each family commits to completing the parent roster duties, which usually include a shared rostered block of duties For the duration of that event. It is strongly recommended that parents consider this time commitment carefully when joining little athletics, as the frequency may provide some impact to you and your family throughout the season.

For more information regarding the implications of not attending your set roster and for instructions on certain duties please visit the Hamersley Roster page.
Hamersley Roster Page

Upcoming Rosters

The next event is State relay Championships on Nov 5 and then State combined Championships 3 Feb 2018 and state Championships march 3,4,5 which is being held at Challenge Stadium on . If your child is participating in an event on any of these days you will need to volunteer yourself for at least one session. Sessions can be 2 to 3 hours and usually require your attendance for the full duration. If you have more than one child competing you may be required to take up two duties, please consult the committee member in charge of rosters to check this.

How do I nominate myself for a roster duty
  • Go the Login page here (you will need to register if you haven’t already)
  • Select ‘Shifts’ from the top banner menu, then ‘schedule shifts by calendar’ from the drop down menu
  • Select the day you want to volunteer a shift for from the calendar by clicking the green (ish) bar on the correct date
  • Select the roster you want by clicking on the ‘select’ button to the left of the shift